Beyonce: I Love My…Faux Hair

Some celebrities walk into their closets, take in the magnificent array of shoes, dresses, perhaps even sunglasses, and let out a sigh of satisfaction at the luxuries that come with the territory of being an international superstar. 

That’s certainly the case for singer/actress Beyonce Knowles.  A worldwide music sensation for the past decade, the pop diva has it all; the shoes, the shades, the bags, the clothing, and not to mention a loving husband whose career is equally as lucrative as hers.  But Beyonce takes it one step further; she is the proud holder of a million-dollar faux hair collection.

Can’t you just see it?  Beyonce strolling into her oversized walk-in, taking in the collection of hair piece after hair piece that line the walls. She ponders, what look best fits my mood today?

The vision probably isn’t that far off from reality!

Check out the gallery of Beyonce proudly flaunting her assortment of faux hair.