James Van Der Beek: From ‘Creek’ to ‘One Tree Hill’

Hey, James Van Der Beek, that’s nice of you to give a bum a buck outside Glamour’s Reel Moments event at Chateau Marmont.

Plus, congrats—Entertainment Weekly is reporting that you’re guesting on an episode of One Tree Hill that’s set to air during November sweeps.

But, oh, the different paths you and your Dawson’s Creek on-screen girlfriends have taken since that show ended in 2003.

Did Katie Holmes happen to meet up with you, too, recently, as she did with your old co-star Joshua Jackson (who has his own series now on Fox)?

No? Well, the invite probably just got lost in the mail or something.

Anyway, have a good time with that one lone episode of One Tree Hill. And, er, maybe you should ask for the dollar back…