Lynne Spears Doesn’t Own a Mirror

And some people claim that Britney is the unstable one in the Spears clan.

Autobiographer and unfortunate motorist Lynne Spears—a/k/a, Brit’s mom—is in talks with Hollywood studios to turn her tell-all book, Through the Storm, into a movie. The show-biz matriarch is already considering actresses who’d be best suited to play her, the Sun reports.

“She’s pitching the book around to studios,” an acquaintance of Lynne’s tells the paper. “She even says she wants Julia Roberts to play her. It’s insane!”

Uh, Julia Roberts? Put down the Oxy, lady, and set your sights a little closer to reality. Maybe you should consider Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler for the role, because the resemblance really is amazing.

The paper also notes that House Bunny sexpot Anna Faris’ name is being tossed around for the part of Britney. Which makes sense, since she’s had so much practice starring in the Scary Movie series.