Paula Abdul Gets Shady With Simon

What do you get the boy who has, almost literally, everything?

If you’re Paula Abdul and that boy is your American Idol colleague Simon Cowell, you give him the gift of mockery.

The New York Post reports that Abdul was at the annual Columbus Citizens Foundation Gala at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria on Saturday when the subject of the holiday season came up with new AI judge Kara DioGuardi.

“I know what to get [Cowell] for Christmas,” Abdul told the new addition.

DioGuardi shot back, “A muzzle?”

Taking a shot at Cowell’s legendary vanity, Abdul replied, “A pair of mirrored sunglasses, but with the mirror on the inside.”

Oh, snap! Did you hear that, Simon Cowell? What do you have to say about that?

At least Simon knows what to get Paula in return: A year’s supply of Thorazine.