Rocco DiSpirito Isn’t Cookin’ Enough for ‘DWTS’

Jeffrey Ross, Ted McGinley and Kim Kardashian— all the unfortunates who make up the list of Dancing with the Stars vote-offs so far this season.

And now chef Rocco DiSpirito is the latest to lack the spice to stick around in the foot-shuffling competition.

After doing the one-two step off the show last night, Rocco told OK!, “There’s a difference between my personal experience and what the judges saw. My personal experience is amazing moments. The only other time I’ve felt that elated is when I’m on a line cooking and dishes are flowing perfectly. I came here to have fun, not to add up points.”

Well, that’s a positive outlook, Rocco. But let’s face it, life really is much sweeter when you’re at the top of your game.