Spencer Pratt’s Saucy Night Out

Careful, Spencer Pratt—if a Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag reunion is imminent, hitting the bottle won’t help much.

At last night’s opening of SBE’s new West Hollywood eatery XIV, Pratt enjoyed many a cocktail during the reception (and The Hills shot a few scenes among festivities).

“He kept telling the producers how drunk he was,” a source inside the bash tells Celebuzz, “he was literally going , ‘I don’t know how I’m standing up right now,’ when they would consult him on his next scene.”

Pratt’s either giving the liquid diet a go or he was numbing the pain of witnessing nemesis L.C. warm up to his on-and-off fiance Heidi.

While Pratt enjoyed the hooch, Audrina Patridge made a cameo at XIV with sister Casey and the elusive Justin Bobby (is Josh already dunzo?).

All the cast members banded together for a group shot, something that should worry Miss Conrad as she’s found a budding frenemy in Audrina.  Not that Lauren cares anyway, but we’re told Speidi grilled sweet Aud on the joys of being free from the Conrad Compound.

All the soupy young adult drama seemed to fizzle when a real star walked into the joint.

Cher showed up, she’s a good friend of Brent Bolthouse,” another source tells Celebuzz. “She came natural, no makeup, so therefore no photos.”

Look at that: Real friendships and knowing the time and place for self-promotion? They just don’t make them like they used to.