Stars Show Up to Support DJ AM

Stars Show Up to Support DJ AM-photo

Stars and associates of Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein came out last night to the Avalon Hollywood, the legendary music venue donated by owner John Lyons, to raise funds for the families of those killed in the horrific plane crash Goldstein survived.

Crowds packed the massive performance space and next door's new hot spot Bardot to catch DJ sets by Steve Aoki, Danny Masterson, Shwayze (that counts Cisco Adler as one half of the colorful duo) and Mark Ronson.

Ronson, who ditched his fancier duds from the night before, rocked a red hoodie and square-framed glasses. Samantha's brother spun old school hits and even gave Britney Spears a shout out by remixing her hit, "Toxic."

"Let's hear if for DJ AM, the reason we're all fucking here tonight," Ronson told the audience.

That was certainly true of the vibe onstage. Celebuzz had an exclusive eye on the partying pals of Goldstein and fellow survivor Travis Barker (who was unable to attend due to recovery).

They included a bubbly Hilary Duff (enamored in conversation with Danny Masterson), a roving Macy Gray in a knit gray cap, nightlife kingpin Brent Bolthouse and the Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am.

The man of the hour, AM himself, arrived around 10:30 p.m., and hung in for a good few hours (despite the big gig in front of him tonight). While he didn't spin, he certainly accomodated his fellow jockeys.

"AM was in great spirits," the on-stage onlooker said. "He was constantly shuffling things around on the table, clearing wires, giving feedback, it was amazing. He was just getting back into the swing of things."

Around 1:30 a.m. Goldstein, clad in jeans, a hoodie and a blinged out necklace, let out a yawn and was swept away by his publicist and two male pals.

Today he rests, as tonight he plays house DJ for Jay-Z, when the pair will help Live Nation reopen Hollywood landmark The Palladium.



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  • Kristen

    I can't believe she said that on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve. Classless, Useless Girl.

  • calfucir

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  • cecilias

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  • gracey1

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  • jonas41

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  • venisenorani

    Anything's fine except rap, hip-hop, r &b and songs by people like Kesha and Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

  • stephanie anderson
    stephanie anderson

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    stephanie anderson

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  • Powers

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  • .......hee

    Lady Gaga wannabeee !

  • gen

    She's nothing like Lady Gaga. Ke$ha is a cool girl that I'd want to hang out with. Gaga is too weird. And Ke$ha is actually somewhat attractive (I think she's really super hot and totally want to be her but that's just me). Lots of her songs are better than TiK ToK. People should check them out, or reserve judgement until they become singles.

  • renee

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  • missthing06

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  • ana-maria

    kesha`s new single tik tok is the best of all.and kesha is the beest too.her duet with florida right round is cool too.


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