Trend Spotting With Kim Kardashian: Bedroom Dress-Up

Your bedroom should be your ultimate sanctuary. If you think about it, you spend a large amount of your life—roughly one-third—sleeping. And while you may be tempted to spend your decorating dollars on public spaces such as the living room and the kitchen, the place where you dream, cuddle and recharge deserves equal, if not greater, love.

I recently redecorated my own bedroom, which I have discussed on my blog, and I am totally happy with the results! I am so enchanted by the glamour of old Hollywood, so I made sure to keep with that theme, installing antique mirrors and utilizing pale colors for a classic-yet-tranquil feel.

Here are some other decor ideas to share with you:

  • The experts at Design Within Reach say they are seeing a call for “warm modernism.” They have stocked their stores with their walnut Matera bed—It has a heavy grain but is soft to the touch and has integrated storage drawers, so it’s great for urban dwellers. The “Nest” bedding (seen in the Matera photo) is part of DWR’s high-quality cotton collection, in a sophisticated and gender-neutral palette.


  • Designer (and Celebuzz expert) Kelli Ellis recently reminded me that we long to escape our everyday “crazy,” and our bedroom is the only “me” space in the house! Her favorite new trend is what she calls the “plush pop” or “comfortable candy” look, exemplified by Madeline Weinrib with beautifully rich traditional lines, high-contrast contemporary fabrics and old-world accessories painted glossy white or black. It satisfies our need to connect with a luxurious past in a new way.


  • Kelli also spoke to me about a growing obsession with green living: With eco-everything, she is seeing that clients want their walls overgrown with “natural”—the neutrals of the earth, the blues of the sky, wild lavender of the hills and the green of the trees.  


No matter what style your new-and-improved bedroom reflects, just make sure you reel it in and soften it a bit: Your private quarters should be soothing to you! If you are bent on painting the walls bright red, for example, go with another more-relaxing color and utilize red for the accent pieces. Be you, but also be comfortable and cozy.

Your redecoration princess,