Angelina Jolie Hasn’t Kicked Her Adoption Habit

Us reports that newly declared Obama supporter Angelina Jolie appeared on the Today show for an interview with Matt Lauer about her new film, Changeling, and told a fawning Lauer that she intends to adopt more children.

“Yeah,” Angie said. “I have something in mind.”

Don’t send your photographers or reporters out on the case just yet. She isn’t setting a date.

“You can’t even start the process until any new children are six months old,” Jolie said. “It’s a smart thing…to understand when to bring another child in.”

And how are the rest of the kids relating to three-month-old twins Vivienne and Knox?

“They play with them, they change their diapers, they call them their babies, and they dress them up and you know, they have fun with them,” Jolie says.

Who needs nannies?