Beyoncé: Singing the Swan Song for ‘TRL’

MTV reports that Beyoncé will perform on the very last episode of decade-long MTV staple TRL, called “Total Finale Live” on November 16.

Beyoncé made the announcement herself when she appeared on Tuesday’s TRL to premiere her two new videos for “If I Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

She asked the audience which song she should perform on the November finale after host VJ Damien Fahey led her through a retrospective of her famous videos.

Look, B…sing whatever, just lose the wig.

“I can remember being 16 or 17 when they asked us to be on the show, and it was our big moment,” she said. “It’s not cool to document your moments at 17!”

She can always take comfort in the fact that she grew up to be all sorts of hot.