Colin Farrell Took the High Road with His Sex Tape

Smokin’ Irishman Colin Farrell admits he was inhaling something other than nicotine when he shot his naughty sex tape with Playboy gal Nicole Narain five years ago, according to the Sun.

“I think I was high… It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he offers.

Well, Colin, often many things seem like a good idea at the time…but that doesn’t mean you go out and actually do them!

Farrell tried hard to keep the footage off the Internet, apparently out of fear that his mother would see it.

“God forbid! She’d tell me something like, ‘Oh you remind me of your father at certain angles’.”

Wow—she sounds just as classy as her kid. But if she’s like some celebrity moms, she might’ve used the tape to score an extra couple of bucks.