Guy Ritchie Is a Proud, Stupid Man

Maybe Guy Ritchie suffers from more than just the emotional retardation that his soon-to-be-ex claims.

British newspaper the Sun reports that the RocknRolla director has told his lawyers that he wants “not one penny” of Madonna’s estimated $600 million fortune when their divorce is finalized.

This, despite the fact that the 40-year-old’s own nest egg is estimated to be about a tenth of that.

Dude. Principles are one thing. Refusing a well-earned payday is quite another.

You’ve been married to Madonna for seven years. During that time you’ve been cuckolded. You’ve had to endure that phony British accent. You’ve selflessly pretended to be happily wed to this. And you probably still have knots on your skull from God knows how many super-noogies.

Time to get what’s coming to you. After all, you wouldn’t be the first one.