Movie Night for Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze

Movie Night for Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze-photo

Camera-shy Michelle Williams and her director beau Spike Jonze attended the Cinema Society screening of their new film, Synecdoche, New York in Manhattan last night.

People quotes an onlooker at the event who says, "[Jonze] couldn't seem to keep his hands off her. It was very cute."

Yeah, well, neither could Catherine Keener. Who do those two think they are, anyway?

Meanwhile, Michelle seems to be doing her best to trump the relationship Spike had with Drew Barrymore.

Actually, Drew probably bounced her way through two entire CW nighttime soap casts by the time Jonze and Williams even got to first base.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    They make such a cute couple. No, wait, revolting. I mean they make a revolting couple.