Robert Pattinson Knocks on Johnny Depp’s Door

Just how far can good buzz take you? All the way to Johnny Depp’s front door, apparently.

Twilight star, and unstoppable brooding machine, Robert Pattinson attended the premiere of Sex Drive in Los Angeles Wednesday night, taunting mere mortals with his wild hair and wilder eyes.

Pattinson has become such a phenomenon for the yet-to-be-released flick that he’s already the second-most searched star on industry and fan community IMDB (Internet Movie Database), coming in just behind Depp.

The film, based on a popular series of novels, is in such high demand that 15-minute sneak previews are selling out in seconds.

Not to mention Entertainment Weekly’s decision to slap Pattinson’s puss on the cover of their Holiday Movie Guide.

And the next step in Pattinson’s world domination? The gay role for serious thesp cred. Well played, Rob. Well played.