Shia LaBeouf Sends His Dad Packing

That Shia LaBeouf is wacky son-of-a-junkie.

The National Enquirer reports that the Eagle Eye star, who had been letting his father live in his garage, is giving the old man his walking papers. Shia’s dad is a former heroin addict named Jeffrey.

Did the accident-prone actor, in a moment of clarity, decide that he needed to separate himself from dangerous influences?

Or perhaps Shia decided that he needed a little more privacy for some reason?

No; apparently, LaBeouf just bought a new custom Porsche and decided that he needed the garage space for, well, what it was intended for.

The good news for Jeffrey: His son has a real-estate agent looking for a one-bedroom for his dad, and will pay the rent for him.

Good on you, Shia! But with that new Porsche? Well, be careful, you know?

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