Sophie Monk: Hot Like Chili Peppers!

Model and American Idol producer-dating Sophie Monk is looking spicy hot in this new ad for PETA…but X17 reports that she recently told an Australian radio show that she’s “bad in bed.”

“I’m probably bad in bed actually,” Monk admits. “I think I am a dud honestly. No one’s going to tell you you’re bad in bed,” she admitted.

No one’s going to believe you after peeping at this poster, either, Soph.

However, she then took a moment to realize that she might have spoken too soon.

“Why am I saying all this? You aren’t even asking the questions, I’m just bagging myself.”

It’s amazing that someone who looks that spectacular while lying on a bed of chilies can still have low self-esteem. Is that why she goes through the dudes so fast?

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