Andy Dick Gets Some Court-Ordered Bling

If you see Andy Dick out on the town, perhaps trying to pull down a 17-year-old girl’s top, make sure to compliment him on his jewelry.

People reports that Dick—who was arrested in July on charges of battery, public intoxication and drug possession—pleaded guilty to battery and possession of pot and unprescribed Xanax in a Murrieta, California courtroom today. In exchange, he will have to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet for a year. Two other charges against Dick were dropped.

The former News Radio actor was accused of yanking down a 17-year-old girl’s bra and tank top as he left Buffalo Wild Wings in Murrieta. Police who responded to the complaint found marijuana and Xanax in the Dick’s pockets. At the time police characterized him as “extremely intoxicated.”

The bracelet—known as a SCRAM device—will be able to detect alcohol through Dick’s skin if he imbibes while wearing it.

“Andy is a great guy. People don’t really know him and we are considering this matter closed,” said Dick’s attorney Jeffery Rubenstein after sentencing. “He’s looking forward to putting this matter behind him.”

Sure. But given the comedian’s exhibitionist tendencies, maybe he would have preferred an alcohol-monitoring cock ring?