Billy Bob Thornton to Duchovny: ‘Don’t Blame Me!’

Despite rumors that recovering sex addict David Duchovny and his wife Tea Leoni split up because of an affair Tea had with Billy Bob Thornton, the eccentric Monster’s Ball actor says that it isn’t so.

Extra reports that Thornton—who supposedly hooked up with Leoni while they were shooting the film Manure together—has released a statement that the two are just friends.

Well, maybe really, really good friends; Leoni recently revealed that Billy Bob is her “new favorite person in the world.”

Earlier reports noted that Duchovny became upset when he discovered text messages between Thornton and Leoni.

Backing up Thornton’s assertion is the fact that Leoni appears to be several miles outside of Billy Bob’s romantic league.

Besides, when celebrities release statements denying an affair, there’s every reason to take them at face value. Right?