Chris Martin Punches Journalist

Chris Martin, we hate a double standard. If you’re allowed to poke fun at your GOOPing wife’s former flames, everyone else should, too.

A few weeks back at the Q Awards—Q Magazine’s music awards honors in the UK—Martin exploded over a comment made by mag editor Paul Rees regarding Brad Pitt.

The Coldplay singer let on that wife Gwyneth Paltrow made a hard rule for potential divorce—Martin was only allowed to leave her for one of the members of British pop group Girls Aloud.

Likewise, Martin insisted Gwyn could only bail for the boys of Westlife. Rees accidentally said, “You could have told her Brad Pitt.”

Celeb outlet Holy Moly claims Rees blurted out Angelina’s husband, not making the previous love connection Paltrow had to the actor.

“She was engaged to him, you f*cker,” Martin replied.

He then proceeded to gut-punch the journo, at his own awards show no less, and call him a “c*nt.”

We recall, only a few months ago, Martin himself petting the elephant in the room, saying, “You’ve got to be hungry. If your wife went out with Brad Pitt you’d want to prove yourself.”