Drew Barrymore: Not a Tart, Not Yet a Cougar

Don’t call Drew Barrymore a cougar, she hasn’t yet cut her teeth on enough young men.

Page Six reports that the Ever After star, 33, along with new mom Liv Tyler, recently held a ladies’ summit in Los Angeles to discuss the consumption of twenty-something guys.

Barrymore and Tyler shared cocktails at West Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel, where they reveiwed the finer points of wading in the kiddie pool.

“I love dating younger guys, I’m a bona-fide cougar,” Barrymore allegedly said, much to the chagrin of 31 year-old Tyler.

While they both owned up to liking the young’uns, Tyler supposedly feels a cougar is a much older gal, not a ripe thirtysomething.

“Aren’t we pumas? I think pre-cougar is puma,” Tyler said.

Good point, Liv, but regardless of which animal in the kingdom she is, Barrymore has certainly been purring coast to coast, enjoying liaisons with the likes of Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, as well as a lengthy relationship with Justin Long.