George Hamilton Did the Nasty With his Stepmom

Well, here’s one you don’t hear every day…(Take note, Brooke Hogan!)

Tanned and timeless Hollywood stud George Hamilton, 69, sidled up to the ladies of The View this morning. He actually got them to stop arguing for a few minutes as they sat rapt listening to his stories—such as how he slept with his stepmom when he was 12!

Yeah, that’s right…12.

Joy Behar suggested that George was molested. He quipped, “I was molested? Damn, I’m down for it again!

“It actually went on for a short period of time when I was 12, and then strangely enough, when I was of age, when I was an actor in Hollywood, I met her again…and we had sort of a follow-up.”

Check it out:

George Hamilton

When asked if his dad ever learned about the affair, Hamilton said, “My father passed away in the middle of it.”

Hmmmm. Come to think of it, Brooke Hogan is really into tanning, too…