Jennifer Aniston Hand-Delivers John Mayer’s Package

Now that they’re officially back together, Jennifer Aniston seems to have also returned to her zero-self-esteem ways of making her booty available to John Mayer, anytime, any way.

The couple had dinner at Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s house. Some friend; shouldn’t Courtney be steering her best pal away from this lunkhead?

Mayer then snagged Jen into attending his 31st bash at Beverly Hills club House of Cigars. (Hey, he had to get the paparazzi to take interest somehow.)

But after that shindig was over, Aniston enlisted the help of the LAPD to make a late-night run into Mayer’s house.

The cops used a flashlight to deter the cameramen from getting shots of her shame walk.

So which of these classy kids got 31 spanks once Jen slunk inside?