Kate Moss’ Sobering Realization

Does all the light reading that Kate Moss has been doing lately include Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets?

The Daily Mirror reports that the notoriously party-positive model has cut alcohol out of her diet—all for the sake of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince.

Hince broke up with Kate yet again last month over her boozing ways, but Kate apparently decided that their relationship was worth a change in lifestyle.

The paper’s source notes, “She’d vowed to not go out as much and now she’s decided to not touch a drop of alcohol unless it’s a special occasion.”

Hmm; special occasion? Such as any day that ends with a “y”?

The source also details how out-of-control Moss’ tippling had become: “Kate has been partying non-stop for years. At every working event she attends there is unlimited champagne available.”

Her domestic life was similarly besotted: “She had a fridge full of champagne at home so she could entertain guests when they came over.”

Well, that just seems like good hospitality. But anyway, Kate, good luck on your path to sobriety; no doubt you’ll enjoy many hours of clear-headed living. Now if you can just get some help for that gas-huffing kid of yours.