Lindsay Lohan Justifies Her Love on MySpace

Thursday night Lindsay Lohan posted a new MySpace blog entry—apparently from the DJ booth at girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s Washington, D.C., record-spinning gig—and got political.

Mainly, she gave another blog-lashing to GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

“Picture this in your head….Washington, D.C.—you’re in a club, you are here for support for someone that you care for very much, VERY MUCH… Sitting here makes me think about the fact that if Sarah Palin was in office, and living in Washington… On a ‘slow’ night, she would probably be dressing as one of the gossip girls [sic] or tina fey to try and ‘be cool’ enough to get into this club.”

Well, chances are, Lindsay, Tina Fey will be dressing like Sarah Palin—a lot—if Palin gets into office.

But way to promote Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester’s upcoming appearance on Fey’s 30 Rock! You meant to do that, right?

“I guess me thinking, and blogging about her gives her more attention and credit than she actually deserves.. but as Madonna says, ‘Express Yourself’.”

Yes, and Madonna also says that Guy Ritchie is “emotionally retarded.” Let’s see you try to pull that with Sam and get away with it, lady!

Then again, Linds seems to be dazzled by anything Madge does these days.