Madonna: Sealed in a Baggie for Freshness

The Daily Mail reports that Madonna’s daily beauty and health regimen is so extreme that it might have actually contributed to her split with director Guy Ritchie.

Madge, trying to stem the effects of time, reportedly “took to retiring at night slathered in £500-a-pot cream and covered in a plastic body-suit to hold back the signs of ageing.”

Wow, that’s gotta be sexy in the bedroom.

“If you were to use the word controlling, you would not even be coming close to describing the way she is about food,” a source says.

The list of banned items in Madonna’s cupboard is reportedly vast.

Processed meat, sugar, cheese, cream, salt, and preservatives are all a no-no in Madge-land.

Even when dining out, Madonna reportedly only has a glass of water because she is so paranoid about how the food is prepared if she’s not watching over it.

She kind of puts the “freak” in “control freak.”