Winner Vs. Loser: DJ AM Rocks Madonna

After the tragic news of the plane crash involving DJ AM and Travis Barker, no one knew what to expect from the lucky survivors. This week, Nicole Richie’s former beau showed the world how tough he truly is: 

After a summer full of rumors about the state of Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s marriage, they finally made their split official: 
  • The couple’s publicist made a joint statement on Wednesday morning announcing their divorce, shocking absolutely no one
  • Madonna publicly mocked Guy onstage at her concert the night she announced the divorce, calling him “emotionally retarded.” Way to make him really want to not take ALL of your millions, Madge. 
  • Meanwhile, the pop star has been walking around like this
  • Even with her odd fashion choices, she’s already banging someone new. This guy. Hmm…have fun, guys.