Heidi Klum Is Really Milking It

Here’s Heidi Klum’s Got Milk? campaign ad. It was unveiled at L.A.’s Every Picture Tells A Story gallery.

Now that Project Runway is over for the season—and possibly over forever, reports Media Daily News—a hot frau has to make a living somehow.

Says the site, “A New York state judge has issued an injunction preventing the show’s producers, the Weinstein Co., from moving forward on an agreement to bring the series to Lifetime. The show’s first five seasons have been on NBC Universal’s Bravo, and NBCU is seeking to keep it on one of its networks.”

In the meantime, Heidi’s gotta keep her kids in designer toddler frocks. Hence the milk ad.

After all, in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next…you’re out.