Is Hilary Duff on Her Way to Has-beenville?

It wasn’t too long ago that Hilary Duff was on top of the world.

Before she was even old enough to get her driver’s license, the starlet had a hit television show, put out four platinum albums, starred in a number of films, and launched her own clothing line.

One of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, Hilary was making it into the gossip mags on a weekly basis.

So what happened?  Nowadays, news of Hil is confined to an occasional pop-up sighting of the former pap favorite.

Will a time come that gossip sites are abuzz with something other than Hilary’s all-too-boring relationship with hockey player Mike Comrie?  Perhaps a new album?  A stint in rehab?  Gossip addicts should be so lucky!

The good news is that Hilary fans will be catching her soon with the release of three flicks Greta, Safety Glass and Stay Cool.

Apparently she’s doing more than the gossip blogs have let on!

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