Angelina Jolie Puts ‘Mama’ Before Drama

Unlike some show-biz moms, Angelina Jolie seems to have her priorities in order.

The actress and knife collector tells the New York Times that she’s prepared to bail on the whole show-biz thing if her movie roles get in the way of raising her ever-expanding brood.

Jolie already agonizes before taking each new role, asking herself, “Who’s in school at that time? How can I be sure I don’t do too many long hours? Can the three youngest be on the set every day?”

And if the balancing act ever becomes too much to bear, it’s bye-bye Hollywood.

“As long as I can be with my family, it’s fun,” Jolie notes. “But I only want to do that, and I’m not looking for anything else.”

Good for you, you puffy-lipped enchantress! Of course, bear in mind, an abundance of parental contact isn’t always such a good thing.