Brooke Hogan Blogs for Bro’s Happy Return

Brooke Hogan has been biding her time turning down magazine covers and showing off her smarts, all awaiting the release from prison of BFF and brother Nick.

The Hulk offspring has taken to her MySpace Celebrity blog to talk about the evil media, her sibling attachment and plans to celebrate his arrival home.

“I cant even tell you, as a sister, how exciting this is for me! Nick and I are like best friends,” she writes, “…not seeing him for 6 months has been really, really hard…its been tough without having him there to hug me just at the right time, or crack a joke when im [having] a bad day.

It’s not as though the media has wrapped it’s loving arms around the embattled blonde, so she says.

“I feel sorry for the people who are misinformed because all they have to go off of is the media, which lets just face it, is NEVER a reliable source,” says Brooke.

“I just can’t wait to see my Nicky! Im gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of! Hes been living on bread an potatoes so far and I know some mac’n’cheese is gonna hit the spot!”

We’d say hold the cheese, but that’s now impossible from all angles.