Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with John Mayer’s Kid?

Turns out Jennifer Aniston might have hit up Sacha Baron Cohen’s kid’s birthday party to do a bit of research. She may just be expecting a toddler of her own.

The new issue of Australia’s New Weekly reports that Jen is pregnant with John Mayer’s child.

The two J’s got back together recently, and had a none-too-slick “session” at Mayer’s house last Thursday night after his birthday party.

But the New Weekly claims it knows the real reason Aniston took him back: “…the smile the actress has been wearing says it all—she’s pregnant and loving it!”

Yeah, well, Damien’s mother smiled once or twice, as well, in The Omen, and look how that turned out.

Although, that’s probably not the only horror story John Mayer is well-acquainted with.