Anne Hathaway Has a New Mystery Man

It looks like supremely unlucky girlfriend Anne Hathaway may be on the path to romantic happiness. Just don’t ask her to give up the lucky fellow’s name.

The Rachel Getting Married actress tells People magazine, “This guy I know in L.A. is kind of doing it for me right now. When I think of sexy, I think of him.”

Hathaway, whose last relationship ended in a string of felony fraud convictions, continues, “You know when sometimes you don’t know someone very well—but you just meet them and you’re like ‘WOW, you really have it going on’?”

Sure, Anne; who hasn’t experienced that giddy sensation of instant infatuation with a stranger?

Still, Anne hasn’t revealed the source of her newfound joy. “I’m totally single right now,” she hedges. “But I happened to meet a sexy guy the other day.”

Expect a mad rush from the paparazzi to uncover the sexy dude’s identity. They can start by perusing those FBI posters at the local post office.