Ashton Kutcher’s Thoughts on Football, Teen Sex

It’s not all fedoras and rom-coms for Ashton Kutcher. The man has deep, deep thoughts,  for pete’s sake.

Kutcher took to his MySpace Celebrity blog last night, reaching out to fans to explain why he stepped up to coach a Los Angeles high school football team.

“At first I would say ‘it’s something I’ve always wanted to do’…the truth is that it’s something I’ve always been afraid to do,” Kutcher writes [typos included to preserve flavor]. “I was afraid of the time committment. I was was afraid I would look stupid.”

You, Ashton? Never!

Turns out he’s glad he took the risk, as he’s learned “that the collective force is greater than any individual can ever be.”

And about those oversexed teen girls? Kutcher stood up for his pet satire project, where he’s attempting to hold a mirror up to the teen female market.

“I don’t believe that there are too many places that honestly depict teenage girls. They are underestimated at every turn and ten times more savvy than anyone gives them credit for.”

Yeah. We had a feeling.