Billy Zane Bikes for Burberry

They say charity starts at home. If the same goes for the environmental movement, Titanic star and genius Zoolander cameo Billy Zane earned some carbon credits last night in Beverly Hills.

Zane turned up to the embarrasingly well-attended store re-opening of Burberry’s Los Angeles flagship, hosted by design cheif Christopher Bailey.

While most celebs present, among them Mary-Kate Olsen, Giselle Bundchen, Kate Beckinsale and Ryan Gosling, chose gas-guzzling hired cars and SUVs, an eyewitness tells Celebuzz that Zane pulled up on his 10-speed.

“He pulled right up to the the valet on his bike,” the onlooker said, “and asked the valet to ‘take care of him.’ So green of him!”

And who says fashion doesn’t care?