Britney Spears Stops Traffic

The jury in Britney Spearsdriving-without-a-license trial is said to be “hopelessly deadlocked,” according to People.

The jury was apparently split 10-2 yesterday and was sent back twice to deliberate, and remained in a stalemate. The judge sent the jury home and deliberations will begin anew today.

Brit was charged last year with a misdemeanor offense for allegedly lacking a valid California license.

Can’t they just let her off when they see how much she’s improved? Her hair looks great, she lost weight, and she has a video in which she looks amazing!


TMZ is reporting Tuesday at noon that the Britney Spears driving-without-a-license case has been declared a mistrial.

The jury had been deadlocked for more than a day at ten voting innocent and two declaring guilty.

If convicted, Spears faced a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has the option to call for a new trial.


People reports Tuesday afternoon that a mistrial has been declared in Britney Spears’ misdemeanor trial for driving without a license, and the case is now dismissed.

“The jury is hopelessly deadlocked, and I declare this a mistrial,” said Judge James A. Steele.