Christopher Ciccone Gets All Brotherly

Has Christopher Ciccone had a change of heart—assuming that he has a heart to change?

The Madonna sibling—who dragged his sister’s name through the mud earlier this year with his lurid tell-all Life With My Sister Madonna—tells In Touch magazine that he not only feels “heartfelt sadness” over Madge’s impending divorce, he’s also going to keep his yap shut about it.

“I will not be commenting on her divorce as that is a private matter between her and Guy Ritchie and would consider any commentary on my part dishonorable and disrespectful,” Ciccone declared. “I have expressed my heartfelt sadness to her and her family.”

It’s not quite clear why Ciccone would be saddened by his sister’s divorce from Ritchie, who’s “homophobic” and “swells noticeably” in the presence of gay men, according to his book.

It’s also unclear whether In Touch solicited the statement from Ciccone, or if he just wanted to tell the world loud and clear that he has nothing to say.

It couldn’t be that Chris is withholding all the dirt for a follow-up book, could it? Nah; he’s way too classy for that.