Heidi Montag Is Officially Out of Style

Hey, Heidi Montag, things aren’t looking so good for you these days.

Not only is your TV show The Hills headed for the big mudslide into obscurity and your presidential candidate of choice John McCain lagging behind in the polls two weeks before the election, now Fox News is reporting your clothing line Heidiwood has been discontinued.

“It isn’t a reflection of poor sales, but that her parent retail company ‘Anchor Blue’ is moving in a different direction and is expected to close around 40 stores across the U.S in the coming months,” notes Fox.

Gosh, that’s like telling an amputee, “Don’t feel bad about your arm, buddy—it was just moving in a different direction.”

Oh, well…at least you and the possibly soon-to-be unemployed Lauren Conrad are friends again. Plus, you’ve still got the classiest boyfriend a girl could ever dream of.