Is Robert Pattinson a Snob?

Robert Pattinson, star of the upcoming Twilight and beloved fan favorite, may not be as unfazed by Hollywood as he’s made himself out to be. 

Robert, who has always played himself off as the humble, modest type—claiming to be over-chatty, shy with girls, and even the dive-bar type—has lately been revealing a more arrogant side to his personality that has clearly been jaded by Tinseltown. 

Celebuzz has received word that during two of Robert’s most recent public appearances, everybody’s favorite vampire was acting just a tad too Hollywood.

According to a red carpet witness at the Sex Drive premiere, the once press-friendly actor was the last to arrive and refused to speak to any members of the press. 

“I was yelling for him to come over, and he just acted like he couldn’t hear when he obviously could,” the source explained. “Then he got off the carpet to dawdle for a while before the movie started.”

At the T-Mobile party, Robert even went so far as to turn away fans requesting a quick photo-op.

According to the fan, Robert explained that he didn’t do pictures and that they weren’t really his thing.


Has Robert turned into the typical Hollywood snob before his film has even hit theaters?