Jamie Lynn Spears: Probably Not Pregnant

The Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy debate is taking on a bizarre—and less tasteful than usual—new twist.

A person who claims to be a friend of Jamie Lynn’s has stepped forward to put the kibosh on the pregnancy scuttlebutt—and to offer some backwoods opinions of her own, Celebslam reports.

The supposed pal, who calls herself “Diane“—and says she’s the friend who was photographed with Spears at Wal-Mart last week—tells the site, “Jamie Lynn is NOT pregnant and I wish everyone would stop being so judgemental [sic] because if you weren’t having sex at 16 it probabaly [sic] means you were very unattractive.”

Yeah, or maybe they just didn’t want to end up becoming parents before they graduated high school. Whatevs!

Maybe Ma and Pa Spears should expand their sex-ban policy to Jamie Lynn—and every nitwit she spends time with.