Kate Hudson and Baron Davis’ Cozy Carpool

When you’re Kate Hudson, it doesn’t matter if one of your girls ditches you to flirt on a night out. You’re in no short supply of friends!

Take Hudson and old high school chum, Los Angeles Clipper Baron Davis, for example. The pair cozied up to one another at Hollywood spot Bardot—neighbor to music venue Avalon—last night, sipping drinks and shooting the breeze.

Davis, dressed anonymously in a blue button-down and his team hat, followed Hudson around the venue with her traveling pack of pals (including Liv Tyler and Brent Bolthouse), only to end up escorting the young mom home.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, however; these two have palled around for ages. This time last year the duo attended their SoCal high school reunion together. Looks like they’ve had no issue with the “KIT!”

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