Madonna: Keeping an Eye On Guy?

Madonna and Guy Ritchie grew accustomed to sleeping in separate beds during their now-dead marriage, but the RocknRolla director is checking under his bed for his estranged wife every night lately.

The Sun reports that Ritchie thinks Madonna has been spying on him since the couple announced their split. 

Ritchie has allegedly compared Madonna’s post-breakup tactics to “something concocted by the KGB,” at one point raging: “This is a divorce, not the Cold War.”

The Snatch helmsman suspected Madge was snooping on him after he had dinner with his father and sister to discuss Madonna’s public attacks on him. Ritchie was livid to discover that Madonna knew about the dinner and had been keeping tabs on him.

C’mon, Guy, it’s not like Madonna is the first woman to go snooping around for dirt on her man. Besides, did you really think the missus wouldn’t resort to strong-arm tactics once she was done with you?