Patridge Parties with Ozzy and the Osbournes

It’s easy to imagine a gal like Audrina Patridge being fanatical over great actresses and the odd designer. But who knew she’d blow a gasket over Ozzy Osbourne?

That’s precisely what happened over the weekend outside Los Angeles. Aud packed up a gaggle of gal pals and headed to the grand opening of Galpin Auto Sports where a rock-packed lineup of performers rang in the custom-auto joint.

Performances alongside Ozzy included Dave Navarro, Macy Gray, Slash, Cypress Hill and Xhibit, but Lauren Conrad’s former roomie only cared about Sharons husband.

“Audrina pushed her way front and center to see the performances,” a source tells Celebuzz. “Ozzy came out and she was so excited.  He touched her hand during one of his songs, and she raved about it for hours.”

Will she ever wash it again?

“She’s a total rock girl,” our source reassures. No wonder she has that tendency for the edgier boys.