What Britney Learned from Mr. Blackwell

While fashion critics are hard to please, and ardent fans even harder, some stars manage to take feedback gracefully.

Mr. Blackwell, a barometer for red carpet disasters since the 1960s, passed away on Sunday. His death has turned a reflective light upon the scores of style-victims he’d burned in his long career of Worst Dressed lists.

Britney Spears
made several cameos on Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed tally, but the pop star seems to have been super receptive to his notes.

In 2000, Blackwell slammed her kittenish looks and called the singer a “belly-baring songbird.”

Look at Spears earlier this month, dropping in on a school in the Bronx, New York, in a generous navy wrap dress that covers her midriff but flatters the neckline.

In 2005, Blackwell called Spears an “over-the-hill Lolita,” saying her pop princess’s ensembles were unbecoming to a maturing singer.

Au contraire! Feast on Britney just months ago at a Malibu fundraiser. This sexy LBD is mature but playful.

And finally, in 2007, when Blackwell swore Brit was “style free and fashion deprived,” the singer made  a triumphant sweep at the VMAs head to toe in Atelier Versace.

Every person who aspires to glamour has made style mistakes. But Celebuzz knows who deserves an award for Most Improved.