Celebs Dive in to a Dead Man’s Pool Party

Page Six reports that celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Eve, Kevin Connolly and Stacy Keibler were all swimming in the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel over the weekend.

And Justin Long, Sarah Chalke, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks were present in the pool area for an Effen Vodka party on Monday night.

Unfortunately, they were all unaware of reports that a dead guy was found in the pool the week before and that the Roosevelt supposedly hadn’t changed the water.

Jordan Nagler, 30, an executive from Illinois, was found dead in the hotel’s Tropicana Bar pool of an apparent heart attack on October 13.

Staff at the hotel were reportedly told that the pool didn’t need to be drained because “there was enough chlorine in it to kill the bacteria.”

Do you think Linds and Sammy and the rest would have been happy with that explanation?

According to sources, staff at the Roosevelt, the Tropicana Bar, and Teddy’s (the popular club inside the Roosevelt) were all asked not to “say anything to anyone” because, “We don’t want this to get out.”

Too late.