Cloris Leachman and Brad Pitt: Not an Item

Angelina Jolie can breathe easy these days. Her baby daddy Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston is too busy to try to break up their relationship. And, as it turns out, she doesn’t need to worry about an on-set romance with his upcoming Inglorious Bastards co-star, Cloris Leachman.

The bawdy Dancing With the Stars GILF tells OK! Magazine that she has no intention of putting the moves on Pitt when the two film Quentin Tarantino’s World War II drama later this year in Berlin.

When asked if there’s a chance that the two might hook up like Jolie and Pitt did during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Leachman replied, “They have children now. You don’t want to interfere with that, interested as he might be.”

So there it is: 82-year-old Cloris Leachman will not be making wrinkly, sweaty, geriatric monkey love with Brad Pitt in the near future. Anyone know where the brain bleach is?