Gisele Bundchen: “Knock Me Up, Tom Brady!”

Trying to impregnate Gisele Bundchen isn’t a task that many men would shy away from, but according to Star Magazine her boyfriend, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, isn’t all that thrilled about the idea.

A source tells the magazine that the Victoria’s Secret undies-wearer has caught baby fever after performing baby-sitting duties for Brady’s son, John, from a previous relationship. “Gisele bathes him, snuggles him, changes diapers and does everything else a mom does for her child,” the insider says. “She knows John has a mother, Bridget Moynahan, and it just makes her want her own child with Tom.”

The Brazilian beauty has informed her man that she’s “ready and willing” to carry his child. There’s just one catch: Brady is reluctant to disrupt his current routine by spawning again. “He likes his life the way it is,” the source says, and “loves what he has with Gisele and doesn’t want to ruin it.”

Well, sure; with his current sidelining injury, Tom gets to sit around at home while his girlfriend goes out and rakes in the big bucks. What sane guy would want to rock that boat?

Don’t worry, Gisele; if Tom refuses to get the job done, there are other methods for achieving your goal.