Guy Ritchie's Getting all Reilly-ed Up

Guy Ritchie's Getting all Reilly-ed Up-photo

Emotionally retarded or not, Guy Ritchie moves pretty fast when it comes to picking up the pieces of his shattered love life.

Us Weekly reports that the RocknRolla director has started dating actress Kelly Reilly, who's among the cast in Ritchie's upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick.

Three days after Guy and Madonna publicly announced their split, Ritchie dispatched a driver to his London home to put together an overnight bag for a stay at the nearby Chatham hotel—where, as coincidence would have it, Reilly has been staying.


Careful about getting too cavalier about your romantic future, Guy; as you've already come to discover, the eyes of Madge are upon you.



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  • mdolla

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  • mdolla

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  • buzzgent

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