Hugh Hefner's New Twins Are Trashy Girls

Hugh Hefner's New Twins Are Trashy Girls-photo

Now that octogenarian Hugh Hefner has been dumped by Holly Madison, and Kendra Wilkinson is moving on from the Playboy Mansion, the future of The Girls Next Door is looking something close to felonious.

It truly is a crime that Kristina and Karissa Shannon had to come all the way to California from Florida to find true love.

Sure, St. Petersburg has no skimpy-undergarment outlet to compare with the shopping at Trashy Lingerie of Beverly Hills.

And if the new Playboy twins had stayed back home, they'd have zero prospects for hopping in and starring on an established TV series.

But why settle for someone who's old enough to have committed statutory rape with their grandma?

The Shannon twins should have worn those Mansion Babe T-shirts in the bars of their home state. Who knows what kind of interesting characters they may have met?



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  • liz

    G+Hef, /bring back Holly, She is smart an knew how to take care of things at the mansion, we all loved her, She was loyal, just needed a little more than you were too selfish to give,

  • chrsitna

    Those twin are gold diggers but its cool as long as they giving it up to hef.. He probally goes to sleep & wakes up every morning to happy endings.... Then they both get what they want... I will watch the show but i know for a fact it wont be no where as good as the the 1st with kendra, holly & bridget.. The new girls know that as well as the whole world does... lol...