Lindsay Lohan Is Good to Charlotte

Lovers’ spats and divided loyalties notwithstanding, Lindsay Lohan seems determined to be a supportive girlfriend to Samantha Ronson, even when it comes to putting in an appearance at those dreaded family functions.

LiLo jetted all the way to Tokyo, Japan, to attend the Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show at the National Stadium this week. As the name of the show implies, the fashion parade showcased the work of Sam’s designer sister, Charlotte.

Which is probably only fair, since Charlotte showed up for the launch of Lindsay’s leggings collection, 6162, earlier this month.

Even so, Tokyo’s a long way to go. Way to represent for your gal and her kin, Linds.

Of course, hanging out with the ol’ lady’s family probably beats some of the tasks you’ll be dealing with this year.