Michael Madsen vs. Tom Sizemore: The Resemblance Is Crazy

Isn’t the likeness uncanny between problem actor Tom Sizemore and Kill Bill toughguy Michael Madsen?

And it’s more than skin deep.

Michael Madsen was taken away from his house by LA Sherrif’s deputies on Monday under a code 5150. What’s that, you might ask?

Well, it’s basically what happened to Britney Spears during her crazy days. Someone thinks that you’re a danger to yourself or others and calls in the cops.

They decide if it’s a valid complain, and if so – see ya!

TMZ reports that a family member was alarmed by his behavior and sought help. Madsen was taken to a local hospital. His rep has no comment.

Sizemore ended up on various charges related to crystal meth and beating ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. Oh, and he also briefly opened his own porn site featuring himself and had a reality show centered around his career ending.

Madsen needs to view those tapes, and get it together while he can still get work.